Childrens Day Nursery in Staines

Choosing the right child care is one of the most important decisions in your child’s early years. At our day nursery in Staines, we aim to nurture, care and educate all our children in a safe and secure environment.

We currently offer 15 and 30 hour funding places but have limited availability.

**All companies listed below receive a 50% off registration fee and a permanent 5% discount on their childcare fee’s (identification or security card must be present upon registering)**

Bupa – All NHS staff – Gartner – Met police – British Gas – Local council authorities – Royal Mail – BP – Airport Staff – Teachers – Train drivers.

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A natural and inviting environment

Our child day care nursery in Staines boasts a beautiful and inviting environment, both inside and outside. We have three bright and spacious play rooms allowing our children to express themselves and move independently, whilst our stunning outside area is ideal for explorations, adventures and filling their imaginations!

Safety of our children is always our top priority. Staines has a state of the art security system with a CCTV operated telecom system throughtout the nursery. This ensures peace of mind at all times!

Perfect for your child's development

We consider purposeful play an important part of your child’s development. Throughtout the nursery we have a safe and friendly environment which promotes positive play.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculam from birth – 5 years. We encourage our parents to work with their key person to monitor and encourage development of their child’s progress. Parents evenings are offered termly and two year old checks are completed after your child’s 2nd birthday.

When it is time for your child to move to ‘Big School’, we celebrate with a graduation party, where parents and children have an amazing celebration.  During the graduation ceromony a presentation will be held so your little one can recieve there scroll of achievements.

Community weeks are organised at different times of the year where we will have a variety of people like the fire fighters visit us, local dentisit promoting healthy teeth and our local community worker will come and see the children to talk about stranger danger.


Our Secret Garden

Our secret garden is a beautiful place that has natural calming surroundings whilst learning about nature. We have a planting area where children can learn different areas of science including life cycles. The children use their green fingers where they get excited about planting seeds and watching them grow.

Physical development is an important part of a child’s development, group games and activities are planned on a weekly basis which promotes healthy exercise.

If you register your child in the month of May you will receive, 25% off your registration fee and 10% off your first 2 months of invoicing.

Call Today 01784 457 514
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