What Our Parents Say

Micheala – Playtime Wandsworth – December 2017
“Merry Christmas to you all. I would like to thank you all for your love and care towards Kealise.
Kealise really enjoys coming to nursery and I can see she’s very happy being part of the playtime family.
I would like to share and give my biggest appreciation to the key workers, Kealise has had since starting Playtime. Saida, Amiee and now Belinda, have all looked after Kealise faultlessly. They all give me honest feedback about Kealise at the end of the day, which allowed me to grow a trustworthy bond with them all. They all have taken the time out to acknowledge Kealise’s development and take necessary actions in order for her continue to improve. Nothing is ever to much for them, to do for Kealise.
Belinda became Kealise’s key worker shortly after starting, she grew a strong bond with Kealise in a short space of time, which I am very happy with.
Saida and Amiee although they are no longer Kealise’s key worker; they both still take the time out to work closely with Kealise and show her love and care.
I would also like to say a big thank you to Kaylie, Tamilini and Labidah in the Mini Tots room who also work closely with Kealise, ensuring all her needs are met. I feel comfortable leaving Kealise with you all.
Thank you to Michelle for accommodating any requests I may have and thank you to Nav for the variety of lovely meals you make. You both also have close bonds with Kealise.

Have a nice Christmas and happy new year to you all.
We look forward to Kealise joining boppers in the new year.”

Christina – Playtime Wandsworth – October 2017
“Our son has been with Playtime Wandsworth on a full time basis since April 2017, since he was about 1 years old. He has been greeted with happiness and joy, and enthusiasm for him to grow and develop every day of our experience – regardless of which room he’s been in.

Michelle’s bubbly character is seen throughout the nursery and each of the rooms. The bulletin board in the hallway and the parents board in each room lets us parents know what skills and curriculum are scheduled for each week, so that we can supplement such activities when at home. Michelle’s clear communication with parents on news, events and upcoming activities is also greatly appreciated and received.

The carers in each room are very kind and caring, treating him as if he was one of their own. He gets lovely meals cooked fresh and daily from Nav, who we can see cooking each morning. Nav too treats the little ones as if they were his own – so heartwarming to see! Such a relief as I head off to my day – to know he is in a positive, nurturing environment in which he feels comfortable and one which gently challenges him to grow and develop into the little person he has become. He enjoys his time there so much I often don’t get a wave goodbye, because he’s already happily consumed in the activities for that day. Equally, his dad often only gets a cursory wave hello at the end of the day, in order to minimise disruption to whatever activity our son is undertaking at that point in time. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. A big THANK YOU to the team at Playtime Wandsworth from all of us.

Kirran – Playtime Shepperton – September 2017
“We have always enjoyed taking our nearly 2 year old to playtime. He loves going to nursery and there is always plenty for him to do. The staff are very creative, caring and engaging and always take an interest in new things he is picking up. The indoor soft play is a fantastic facility when the weather doesn’t allow for the children to get outside they can still have a change of scene, get some exercise and have fun!!

Sarah Julian – Playtime Shepperton – September 2017
“I could not have been happier with my choice of nursery over the last 4.5 years whilst my son has been at Playtime.

Staff; past and present have been amazing, I couldn’t thank you enough for keeping my little boy safe, helping me to allow him to be the little confident cheeky monkey that he is with such great character.

William started at playtime when he was only 3 months old.  A wonderful lady called Anna showed me around the baby room, instantly I knew my baby would be happy here, and couldn’t wait for him to grow so he could play on the soft play area. They even got a Grib for me so William could sleep in the baby room as he suffered bad reflux, I didn’t want him left alone not even whilst he slept. This was not a problem for playtime they did exactly what I requested. How reassuring!!

William has moved from room to room, enjoying every experience, meeting lots of new friends, (some who he is still in contact with).

Sadly its time for him to leave for his next chapter in life, I am sad he is leaving but happy as he has to move on.  I would highly recommend Playtime to anyone. William has turned out to be a Confident little boy.  He has such lovely manners with his please and thank you’s, I owe this to the staff at Playtime.

I will miss seeing you all and thank you dearly for all that you have done, thank you for the help you have given me personally (Michelle). I know William will miss you all too xx

Lucy Short – Playtime Shepperton – September 2017
“Amelie started at Playtime Shepperton in April 2017 when she was 8 months old. The thought of her starting Nursery whilst I went back to work was very daunting for me but she absolutely loves it and sending her to Playtime is one of the best things we’ve done for her. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting and her little face lights up from the moment we pull up in the car outside. All the staff are so warm and friendly and amazing with all the Kids, especially Emma (Amelie’s Key Worker) in Little Gems. Thanks Playtime!

Dean O’Shea – Playtime Shepperton – September 2017
“Oscar really enjoys coming to Pre‐school. He is always welcomed with a nice smile by
the team. I think all the girls work very hard to ensure that Oscar is well looked after.
He is always smiling when I pick him up which shows he is having fun. He is developing
very well since coming to Playtime nursey and started to bond more and play with
other kids.”

Cristina Arango – Playtime Wandsworth – September 2017
“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how happy we are with the care we have received for Isabel by the girls in Mini Tots. We were a little worried with the transition as Kathrine, Cheyenne and Kaylee were absolutely brilliant that we didn’t want to lose them, but it has been great. Aimee as key person for Isabel has been fundamental for the transition to be a success and Isabel is very fond of her.  She is very experienced, caring and amazing with the kids. Saida has also been amazing and although she has gone to the other room we are very grateful to have had her with Isabelle. Tamilini with her bright personality brings joy to the kids!  We are only starting to know Alana and Ria but we expect them to develop a strong bond with Isabel as they seem very nice as well”

Micheala – May 2017
“My child started playtime nursery Wandsworth following a bad experience with a previous nursery.

I am relieved I have found Playtime nursery.

The service they provide is amazing. Every single staff member is friendly and will greet you politely, they are one big happy family.

The hygiene and cleanliness of the nursery is of a high standard. Hygiene signs are everywhere to be seen in the nursery. Staff wear aprons and hair nets during mealtimes. Apron and gloves are worn during changing times.

Every morning the rooms are tidy and organised well, ready for my child and the other children to start their day.

The chef has a nice big open plan kitchen to provide lovely meals for all the children taking into consideration any diet requirements i may have. The nursery has a lovely dining room joint onto the kitchen where all the children go to eat their meals together and it is always clean. My child enjoys the chefs cooking.

The staff in the room my child is in, are caring and look after my child very well. My child is always clean and looks will kept at the end of the nursery day. They are honest and follow any requests i may have with no fuss. Staff also send me pictures via email of all the different activities my child has participated in throughout the day.

Other staff members who may not be looking after my child on a daily basis also take the time out to get to know my child daily needs and preferences.

The management team also participate in providing care for my child and are always willing to take any requests I may without any problem also.

On a whole l am very happy my child is part of the playtime family. Its lovely nursery.”

Sarah – May 2017
My son has attended Playtime, Shepperton, for almost 3 years moving from Little Boppers to
Pre-School with a very comfortable transition. Playtime have helped him build his confidence
and his attitude to learning new things rather – than only wanting to do puzzles – is fantastic.
He thoroughly enjoys his time and I will be very sad once he moves on to Reception, but I
he is very ready for his next adventure thanks to the wonderful staff at Playtime. We will
both miss nursery very much!”

Marite – May 2017
My son has been attending the nursery since February and has settled in very well within a short time. He is now moving into the next room and the girls have been amazing by helping him settle into the new room and helping to make new friends.

The nursery has lovely rooms with all the age appropriate activities and toys, and even a lovely aquarium. My son absolutely loves the garden and outside play area.

But mostly, he loves the food made fresh every day by the chef”

Cristina – May 2017
We are extremely happy with choosing Playtime for our daughter! Every single member of staff give their absolute best to take care of Isabel and this comes with love, care and a big smile! We couldn’t ask for more!

On a different note , he is asthmatic and requires medication on a daily basis. We have no hesitation in leaving him in the care of the staff as they are trained to administer his medication and have intervened if he has become unwell at school whilst informing us immediately .

I have no hesitation in offering a recommendation for this nursery.”

Julie West – May 2017
“My grandson has attended this nursery for over a year now and throughout I have been impressed at the professional way all staff conduct themselves without losing the warmth and compassion you would expect .

Without doubt his confidence and language skills have improved and he is so happy to be able to experience the different activities offered daily to the point he is often reluctant to leave .

On a different note , he is asthmatic and requires medication on a daily basis. We have no hesitation in leaving him in the care of the staff as they are trained to administer his medication and have intervened if he has become unwell at school whilst informing us immediately .

I have no hesitation in offering a recommendation for this nursery.”

Agnieszka – October 2016

“I think the team are fantastic, my son loves going to Nursery, we feel he bonds well with all staff and his key worker has been brilliant with him, she has helped so much with his development.

Everyone at Playtime works really hard and are a credit to the Nursery. All the team are always smiling and happy, this reassures me that this is the best nursery for my sons development.

My son loves to explore, sing and playing outside. He enjoys the soft play and has grown in confidence with help from all the staff. We now have to pick him up 30 minutes earlier because he never wants to leave!”

Claire – October 2016

“The team are amazing! The activities that they do with the children are fantastic and far more imaginative than I can ever do. The main carer for my son, is a wonderful warm person, She cares for him, which makes me happy and feel at ease when I am at work. All the girls are so warm and wonderful, I honestly could not pick a better team of caring, loving individuals to leave my son with.

Also, the management team are wonderful and extremely warm and made me feel very welcome as a parent, which to me, was amazing. Nothing is ever to much for them and they are always there for you, no matter what the problem is.

My son loves being at Playtime and every day is a new adventure. He loves to draw and stick things. The soft play is a huge hit with him and he loves his time on there!”

Oslem – September 2016

“My son has been very lucky attending Playtime. The love, care and attention you have shown him is invaluable and has been very comforting for us. I appreciate all the hard work to keep him safe and happy!”

Elaine – September 2016

“From an 8 month old baby, to a confident girl ready for school; Playtime have been very caring and loving towards my daughter. What she has experienced has helped her with the transition to big school!”

Vicki – September 2016

“My daughter really enjoyed her special time at Playtime. She has grown in confidence and made many friends. Your patience and hard work has made out lives a great deal easier!”

Helen – September 2016

“Playtime helped my son settle in so quickly and looked after him very well whilst he was attending each week. He has really enjoyed his time with you!”

Ute – September 2016

“Thank you for looking after me so well and making me feel better when I am sad. My son will miss Nursery very much!”

Carrie – September 2016

“Thank you for looking after my son for the past 3 years, he has had loads of fun whilst attending Playtime!”

Giulia – September 2016

“Playtime have shown wonderful efforts in showing my daughter how good and exciting learning can be. The nursery has made a lasting impression on her and she will miss you all!”

Emma – August 2016

“The hard work with my daughter has been amazing, the care has been great!”

Natalie – August 2016

“I appreciate all the aspects of care for my sons, they have had so much fun and Playtime have played a big part in helping them grow. I will miss everyone there!”

Kyoko – August 2016

“The staff have looked after my daughter as she grew from a little toddler to a chatty preschooler. She is now very confident and I am sure this will hold her in great steed when progressing onto big school. I am very thankful for the support and care she received from Playtime!”

Kirsty – August 2016

“My children have really enjoyed coming to Playtime, they both have very fond memories of their time there and the great work that all staff do when caring for my children!”

Amanda – August 2016

“The care for my daughter has been fantastic and she has really enjoyed attending Playtime every week!”

Sabrina – August 2016

“My daughter has loved her time at Playtime and she has been very well looked after in all the rooms in the years she has been attending!”

Avril – July 2016

Playtime have looked after my son for the past 2.5 years, when my son first started with Playtime he was 2 and I returned to work full-time. I have never worried about my son being in their care and have been happy for Playtime to care for him from day to day. His key worker always assured me of his well-being and I have never doubted her ability to provide the best care for him.

His key worker always kept me informed of his progress, activities, food or notified me of any concerns she wanted to highlight which is important to me as a parent as she made sure I knew the type of day he had had at Playtime which in turn helped me be part of his day. She is thoughtful and hardworking, I always see her striving to incorporate the children’s work fully in pre-school and always greeted my son with a smile. This made my son feel welcome and put him at ease.

This room has give my son the care and support he needed to grow and thrive. Anyone is blessed to have his key worker look after their child.

Helen – July 2016

“The support and help for my daughter has been fantastic! She will miss Playtime very much!”

Emma – May 2016

“My daughter has been at Playtime for 2 years now and she loves it. They have created a great home from home environment to make every child feel welcome and comfortable. They have great facilities including a three story soft play frame. All the meal are cooked freshly on site and smell amazing when you walk through the door!”

Jayne J – May 2016

“My daughter has been attending playtime since December 2015, and loves every minute of it. She gets upset when it’s home time and doesn’t want to leave, as she is having so much fun playing at nursery.”

Evonne – May 2016

“Felix loves coming to nursery, and we have noticed that he has become more confident and outgoing. He is very happy to be left at nursery, and I am sure he loves all the staff and children he has contact with.”