Childrens Day Nursery in Wandsworth

We are hugely proud of our purpose-built facilities at Wandsworth Playtime Nursery. All of our rooms are open-plan with fantastic spaces for our children to grow and develop in! We have a large garden for stimulating tiny minds too! We are a team of highly qualified practitioners, who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of childcare.


We currently offer 15 and 30 hour funding places but have limited availability.

**All companies listed below receive a 50% off registration fee and a permanent 5% discount on their childcare fee’s (identification or security card must be present upon registering)**

Bupa – All NHS staff – Gartner – Met police – British Gas – Local council authorities – Royal Mail – BP – Airport Staff – The Light Bulb residents and customers – Teachers – Train drivers.

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Exceeding the early learning standards

Our children’s day care center is fully equipped to offer a stimulating, warm and comfortable environment that allows all of our children to develop a positive image of themselves and of others.

All our children have the opportunity to learn, develop and explore in our spacious open planned rooms and have access to fantastic learning equipment. This inspires and enables them to implement their ideas, encourages curiosity and risk taking. We also offer our children regular visits to the playtime dining area, where they can learn to cook and prepare an array of foods under the guidance of our chef, whilst mixing with others socially and developing new taste buds!

A fun place to play and learn

Our nursery in Wandsworth has a beautiful and welcoming environment. We firmly believe that active learning, critical thinking and creative play is essential to a child’s development. Every play resource we have stimulates our children in every possible way. We also provide additional private curricular classes in French, Spanish, mini yoga and cookery.

We pride ourselves in having a large vegetable garden where our children grow an array of herbs, vegetables and flowers according to the seasons. This enhances their learning and is a fantastic way to cement key concepts such as measuring and sizing.

It gives our children the opportunity to explore using their sensory perception and also allows them to gain a valuable understanding of different plants and vegetables, some of which they eat at mealtimes!

Fresh and healthy meals

Our fully equipped open plan kitchen allows children to sit and experience our unique dining room. The children socialise in our fun dining area, smell the wonderful aromas from our chef’s cooking and watch the chef prepare and cook their meals.

Our fully trained chef provides a high quality service that meets and exceeds the environmental Health Standards. We are proud to source our fresh fruit, vegetables and meat from local suppliers. Our chef is also equipped to ensure any special food requirements that you may have, can be fully catered for.

There are daily opportunities for our children to cook with our chef in our wonderful facilities. This will include making bread and cakes, chopping vegetables and making smoothies (under adult supervision).

We provide breakfast, a two-course lunch and a cooked tea along with a variety of planned snacks consisting of fruit, cream cheese with crackers and biscuits, mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Babies are provided with the appropriate milk and liquidised food.

If you register your child in the month of May you will receive, 25% off your registration fee and 10% off your first 2 months of invoicing.

Call Today 0203 735 9410
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